…I say to myself; in that moment of eternity when I realize I just did something I didn’t mean to do that can’t be undone.

And then I correct whatever irrationality rolls through my mind to sound something like, “I’ll simply do it again.

Persistence is a recipe:

  • One part breathing-in-and-out
  • One part accepting-what-just-happened
  • One part realizing-what-you-did-can-be-done-again, and
  • One part not-being-so-hard-on-yourself, because you know exactly what needs to be done to get past this point now

Beat that shit in a bowl until it feels good, and try not to delay the repeat performance. The longer the re-attempt is delayed, the more exposed you become to distraction and the easier it is for the thing you did to truly become a failure.

It’s not that you’ll do it better next time around, it’s that you’ll gain the experience of truly finishing the job.