This past month has been a wide shift of gears. I now look out the windows to new surroundings in what feels like a completely different province. Perhaps it wasn’t exactly one month, but several. Judging by the content I’ve been placing on this site lately, it’s clear to me my mind has been elsewhere!

Anyways, planting roots in a new home in a new place, my first order of business was getting a studio space set up where I could put my Pfaff to work. I have a lot of materials on hand at the moment and have been putting the word out to family and friends that I’d like to see them disappear. A couple promising projects are popping up requiring measurements, materials sourcing, design work, estimating and prototyping, but one project in particular didn’t require any waiting or decision making.

When I was asked if I could fabricate a soft takedown shotgun case, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a couple years now; I was already familiar with the cases on the market, all the materials I’d needed were on hand, and I had already gained a bit of experience working with these materials across other projects. For this case to be complete, all I had to do was pattern out the design I’ve had in mind for years, grab the materials and get to work.

Here is the result:


A couple years ago, I’d like to think that I could have accomplished an equivalent result, but the me now, perhaps in a completely different place in my life, would be quick to identify all the little things that I hadn’t completely figured out yet.

I continue to make mistakes and see plenty of room for improvement, but also, plenty of things came to fruition with this project and I look forward to detailing them out.

Project specifications:

  • 30″ barrel 12 gauge (or smaller) shotgun (either over/under or side by side)
  • Materials
    • 16 oz waxed cotton canvas, blue
    • Heavyweight Irish wool, heather
    • 5 oz full-grain cowhide leather
    • Bonded Nylon #69 T70 thread
    • YKK zipper
    • Solid brass rivets and D-rings