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Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned:

  • Wool liner should have binding tape; no raw edges, at least around zipper opening
  • Zipper rivet missing; afraid of punch tool not being strong enough to punch through canvas and binding
  • Divider rivets should have been initially punched only on one side of the canvas
  • Leather stitching attaching canvas should have been brought closer to outside edge
  • Rivets should have been punched at each end of outside leather stitch
  • Reverse stitching should have been shorter so that they are hidden behind the binding tape
  • Binding tape needs cleaning up at zipper start
  • Binding tape needs more clearance from zipper teeth
  • Finishing stitch on binding tape needs to be closer to the binding tape edge to prevent wavering
  • Leather to be thinner on D-ring anchors, as it sticks out a little too much along spine
  • Four rivets should be used on each D-ring anchors
  • Stitching on leather required more consistent speed control; varied too much on one side


  • Never stitched binding tape so uniformly, especially by hand
  • Hatch stitching looks incredibly straight, most likely due to time spent laying masking tape guides
  • Taking the time to grease the thread and needle for the leatherwork truly paid off
  • Time spent, using materials in stock, given market price payment made, allowed for a quality prototype to be made, sold and used for advertising; the sale of a next unit balances my total expenses on the first prototype and the next unit, bringing me up to par