I’ve completed a prototype of a project that’s been on the go for a few months now. Essentially, it started with how many of my projects start; I looked at something that someone else was doing or has done and naively thought to myself, “I could do that…”

The idea of creating a semi-portable near infrared sauna out of canvas and wood is not a new or original idea; at least one company in the states offers up this idea commercially. The soft saunas I saw out there didn’t exactly meet all the requirements I think would be best suited for my lady and I though, so I took to outlining what would. I wanted something that was made out of natural and accessible materials, something that was large enough for my lady and I to use at the same time, remained semi-portable and that didn’t cost upwards of $4,000 CAD. 

The end result was something I could piece together for $700, discounting my time and energy designing and fabricating. And it’s got me thinking how much cheaper it could be if I came up with a simpler design and were sourcing the materials at higher quantities from their origin of manufacture… even with my time and energy.

I’m logging this project as something worth revisiting and toying with again in the near future. I really look forward to making another one.


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